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Problem When Connecting Projector

When I connect my Ubuntu laptop it, unlike windows, automatically show same desktop as in your laptop. Rather it shows a secondary unknown display. I have tried to solve this problem from display setting but did not work. The solution is after logging in to the Ubuntu press Win+P key. It worked for me.

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Ibus is not working in Ubuntu 14.10

After updating to Ubuntu 14.10 Bus was not working, I have followed the answer given in the question (first question is working) and now it is working. I am using Ibus avro for bengli, I had to reinstall Ibus avro once again. Answer is given here.

Run a system update: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade.Remove ibus-pinyin and install ibus-libpinyin: sudo apt-get remove ibus-pinyin; sudo apt-get install ibus-libpinyin.Open a terminal and run im-config, then click "OK" and "YES", then select "ibus" and click "OK" twice.Reinstall ibus and ibus-gtk: sudo apt-get --reinstall install ibus; sudo apt-get --reinstall install ibus-gtkReboot the system


Changing page style defination of "fancyhdr" package.

In this post I will show how to change the definition of the page style (say empty) if you are using fancyhdr package. Just add the following type of code in the preamble of the document (before the \begin{document}):

\fancyhf{} % clear all header and footer fields
\fancyfoot[R]{\bfseries \em \thepage } % except the center

Here you can use all kind of fancyhdr package command to specify you options and formatting.

Hope this will be helpful.


Placing float (table or figure) at the top of the page in otherwise empty page in LaTeX

In latex if a table is going to any empty page (page with only that table and no other text), the table is always aligned vertically centre. And that does not look good always. Even the float place holder like [t] or [ht] or [t!] kind of things does not work. But there is a work around, just paste the following code at the preamble of the document (before \begin{document});
\makeatother  Hope this will solve the problem.


Creating local texmf directory in TexLive which can be synchronize

Okay, here is what I exactly wanted to do;

I have to work on several computer and laptop. So I wanted to create local texmf directory in some cloud service folder (like dropbox) and then sync them across the different computer. But the problem is the local texmf directory in TexLive in Ubuntu is /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local So I have created a symbolic link of the texmf directory of dropbox inside the /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/tex/latex/. It is working fine. Hope this will work for you also.


Showing proper icon for the program installed through Wine

Suppose you have installed foo.exe thorough wine. But when you lunching it the unity side panel showing wine icon instead of foo icon. To solve this go to folder ~./local/share/applications/ Open foo.desktop in your favorite text editor. Then append the line StartupWMClass=foo.exe in the file (make sure to change foo to your actual application name) and save it. Now lunch the application it should show proper icon.